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Dutch Me Deadly Dutch Me Deadly
A Passport to Peril Mystery
By Maddy Hunter
Midnight Ink
coming Feb. 2012

The rambunctious graduating class from St. Francis Xavier High School in Bangor, Maine, is celebrating its 50th reunion with a destination tour to Holland. Nostalgia runs high as the football quarterback boasts of his greatest plays, the once geeky salutatorian preens her killer body, and the class clown recounts the pranks that everyone played on the religious staff who ran the school. But it's apparent to Emily and her band of Iowa seniors that some of the reunion class celebrated the best days of their lives in high school.

Reconnecting after fifty years causes old dynamics and rivalries to reemerge, and long-held secrets to surface. When Emily hears whispers about a former classmate's mysterious death before graduation, only a couple of guests are willing to volunteer information. But when the informants end up dead under suspicious circumstances, Emily suspects something is rotten in Amsterdam. Is the reunion class inordinately clumsy, or is someone trying to prevent the dike from breaking on a decades' old death?

With help from Emily's transgender ex-husband, Jackie, the gang tries to crack the case, but when two of their own disappear, the situation becomes desperate. Has their meddling gotten them into serious Dutch? Or will the killer be the one pushing up tulips?

"A bit of humor, a bit of travel information, a bit of mystery, add up to some pleasant light reading."
- Kirkus Reviews