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Hula Done It?

Hula Done It?

For travel escort Emily Andrew and her fellow Iowans, aloha means "hello" to all the sun, surf, and scrumptious cuisine their Hawaiian cruise has to offer.

Page 167-168

Inside the barrier, a fleet of helicopters sat like chess pieces on slabs of pavement with yellow markings, the entire compound ringed by a field of scrubby bushes that swept toward a range of dark volcanic mountains.

Page 172

Water gushed through rock and cascaded over steep precipices, spilling into pools that looked peacock blue in the sun... "To your right is the waterfall Steven Spielberg used in the opening shot of the movie Jurassic Park," announced James Earl in his melodic baritone... I snapped a picture of the waterfall for Jonathan and smiled to myself. My good deed for the day.

Pages 173-174

"On the horizon is the famed Na Pali coast," James Earl announced in my ear. "An impenetrable expanse of valleys and four-thousand-foot cliffs, sitting cheek to jowl with the pounding surf." We swept out over the whitecapped ocean and looked northeast toward the successive waves of knife-edged rock that scalloped the towering cliffs. A petticoat of sea foam skirted the base of the cliffs, all swirly and frothy white.

This rocky formation is known as Bali Hai. I took the photo outside our lodgings in Princeville on Kauai's northern coast. The following day the surf kicked up waves that were thirty feet high!