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Top of the Mournin' Independent Mystery Bookseller's Association bestseller

Top O' the Mournin'
A Passport to Peril Mystery
By Maddy Hunter
Mass Market Paperback
Pub. Date: 08/2003
ISBN: 0743458125


Emily Andrew is earning some much-needed green by navigating the twisting roads of Ireland with a group of seniors, including her beloved Nana. But once the hearty troupe from Iowa lands on Irish sod, trouble starts brewing: there's a death-defying incident with a horse-drawn carriage... and a gender-bending encounter with Emily's ex-husband Jack, now known as Jackie. No wonder Emily has come down with a smarting case of hives!

The plot thickens like Irish stew when the group settles into Ballybantry Castle, where a ghost is said to wander the halls. But it's no blarney when a very real corpse turns up in one of the guest rooms. While the murderous malarkey has Emily step-dancing as fast as she can, one sure thing emerges from the mists: not even St. Paddy himself could drive out the spiteful serpent that slithers among them!

"No sophomore jinx here -- the second installment of Hunter's Passport to Peril series is very funny and full of suspense."
- Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

"WARNING: Do not munch on Triscuits or anything covered in powdered sugar while reading the book! I nearly choked from laughing so hard while I was reading it... The basic plot is straight from a Scooby Doo mystery with some extra added fun in the form of gender assignment issues, a little sex, a haunted castle, and a tour bus driver with BO who can neither drive nor navigate and who strongly dislikes Oliver Cromwell+ what fun! There was belly laughter, or at least a chuckle, on each page. This is the most fun read I've had in a while."
- The Mystery Company Newsletter