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Pasta Imperfect Independent Mystery Bookseller's Association bestseller
A BookSense recommended title

Pasta Imperfect
A Passport to Peril Mystery
By Maddy Hunter
Mass Market Paperback
Pub. Date: 08/2004
ISBN: 0743482913


The discount travel package to Italy seemed like a great deal: Emily Andrew could lead her globe-trotting Iowans on the trip of a lifetime and bring her family to boot. Maybe she should have read the fine print....Sharing their itinerary with a group of hyper-competitive aspiring romance writers is just a prelude to more Machiavellian drama than an Italian opera.

First, their hotel burns to the ground. Then, when Emily's lost luggage turns up found, the disgruntled literary ladies raid her clothing supply like she's a one-woman Gucci outlet. But the real killer is a contest sponsored by a publishing house -- and the depths to which the dime-novel divas will plunge to win a book contract. Amid backstabbing and catcalling, bodies start turning up -- in Emily's favorite outfits! Now, Emily will need more than a phrasebook to say ciao to someone with a hot and spicy passion for murder.

"PASTA IMPERFECT is as far from imperfect as you can get. Everything in this book is written wonderfully. The characters are fleshed out and feel real, especially Emily. She is funniest when despairing and luckily for us, still funny when she's not. Emily is an easy to relate to character with one of the best sidekicks ever -- her ex-husband, Jack, who is now Jackie... Maddy Hunter's first two books were great, but PASTA IMPERFECT is excellent and I can't wait to see what follows."
- Mystery News

"Murder, mayhem, and marinara make for a delightfully funny combination... Emily stumbles upon clues, jumps to hilarious conclusions at each turn and eventually solves the mystery in a showdown with the killer that is as clever as it is funny... And it's completely unpredictable, filled with red herrings and subtle clues that will keep you guessing until the very end. The antics of the cast will thrill you as much as finding out who done it.
- Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine